IN THE WORKSHOP or, what’s happening at the SDH gunshop.

First Test firing the .17 HMR Low Wall
The rifle is mounted with a reproduction Lyman 5A scope and I had to re-introduce myself to external adjustment scope function but the rifle performed very well and shot very well. It still need a lot of work including filling the stock pores, checkering, final metal polishing, engraving and metal finishing. I will keep you posted.
I test fire and function test all projects prior to, and after finishing to ensure satisfaction.

Bench +217

Bench close 218

Best 100 yard target, tiny 17 caliber holes!
Best group 221

I recently returned from the Smith & Wesson Collectors Association annual show in Boise, ID. I had a wonderful time hob-nobbin with S&W aficionados from all over the country. Gun Writer John Taffin gave an excellent presentation about his life and his research of Sixguns and Sixgunners. Elmer Keith’s son Ted gave a heartwarming talk about his experiences with Elmer.
We bought some, sold some and had an all around fine time!

My Display of 1950s Shooters
My Display

Ed McGivern’s Guns

McGivern Display 203-

Custom Grips on Ed’s guns
McG Roper205 -

Completely hand polished Hagn .30-06,
ready to go to the engraver!

4/9/11 Removing oil from the head of a double rifle stock with powdered whiting an a heat lamp, phase one.

4/2/11 A custom 1898 Krag: Here are a few pix I just received from Ed LaPour, Bremerton, WA metalsmith showing the metalwork on the 98 Krag I'm going to be stocking later this year.
As I remember; He concealed the rear screw hole and changed to 90 degree from the bore, added a front receiver screw, the cover plate was thinned and an inletting draft added, magazine cut-off removed and the reproduction Rigby cocking piece sight added. It is off to have the receiver ring matted, then re-heat treat and then will be barreled with the Ralf Martini octagon to round, full length rib barrel I designed.


I am very pleased with Ed's work, he is a conscientious and thoughtful metalsmith who know how to think and plan way ahead.
Drawing by SDH Ralf Martini used to make barrel
The Gun Rack 1/27/11 (SDH-Hagn .30-06; SDH custom High Wall 7x65R; Maurice Ottmar G33/40, .30-06; Francotte .405 double; SDH Percussion .45 bullet rifle, circa 1991.)