It is with much pride and pleasure I offer a view of the work of gunmaker Joel Dorleac, proprietor of Dorleac and Dorleac,

Perpignan, France.
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First presented is a 9.3x62 barreled action in the white built on a commercial Mauser 98 action with the following modifications.

Blue printed, squared & aligned receiver, trued and lapped bolt lugs. Bolt fitted with a new D&D Oberndorf type handle and three panel-checkered bolt knob . Lightened firing pin machined on FN blank with Wolf « schnellblitz » spring. New extractor. Original Mauser magazine with hinged straddle floorplate and inside the bow release. Modified bolt stop & ejector. The entire action tuned for optimum function, feeding & ejection of the 9,3x62 cartridge.
ERA high quality single stage adjustable trigger system with hand made contoured trigger shoe, blue printed, trued and regulated to a crisp let-off weight. Two positions D&D side swing safety on modified original Mauser shroud.

_D&D  n°994-RT ITW 01 copy
Front and rear sights bases (and front swivel) on bands, soldered to the barrel with two leaves & standing gold lined slanted express rear sight.
Front sight has fold away H&H type protector with combined fine bead and moon sight secured by latch and interchangeable, ivory tipped bead, fitted in the trap grip cap.
_D&D  n°994-RT ITW 02 copy

_D&D  n°994-RT ITW 03 copy

_D&D  n°994-RT ITW 04 copy
_D&D  n°994-RT ITW 06 copy

Traditional claws scope mount were fitted with a special elongated front ring machined in D&D pattern.

_D&D  n°994-RT ITW 07 copy

Mauser inletting from Dorleac & Dorleac, hand-bedded with aluminum pillars installed.
Mauser inletting 2
 Mauser Inletting 1 copy

Heeren action, Single Shot Stalking Rifle, caliber 6,5x57R
by Dorleac & Dorleac
(shown in process and finished)

• The completely redone Nagel & Menz original action is fitted with a light 24" octagonal barrel machined from Böhler "Super Blitz" steel and proofed at Ferlach.

Hereen 09

Action Making 02Hereen 14 copy

• The action and all steel fittings are engraved and light chiseled in traditional manner and finished in bone case hardening in color.
• The rifle is fitted with a Swarovski Z3 3-10x42 R.4 scope on specially hand made claw mounts.
Takendown Making 08 copy
Hereen 04
• The stock is made from a piece of French walnut in modernized classic style, with a short Alex Henry forend and an engraved steel buttplate.
Herreen02 copy
Rough stock Making 04
The rifle alone weights 5lb 15oz and 6lb 15oz scoped.

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