Joel Dorleac, principal of Dorleac & Dorleac, Gunmakers recently forwarded these photos and short explanation of a recently completed .404 Jeffery Mauser rifle.

Barrel Address12
Joel writes, “The 404 Jeffery is now finished. You will find some photos here, but their quality isn't up to the rifle. We have taken great pleasure in doing that project in the spirit of the true working English rifles of the past.

_D&D 404 FL R 02 -

_D&D L C to C 09
“The action is a very interesting one, being the sole Original Mauser with front flat top only and solid wall I have ever encountered.”

_D&D404 top05

R Action 404 04
“When I find it, I noticed that the rails were widely opened and I think at the .404 Jeffery Rimless as evidence…the remainder is just a lot of work! The barrel is 25" long and the stock is from an old Tessier French walnut piece (circa 1975).”

404 FL- L-01 copy
“Notice that the rifle has been treated as a using one, not for show and the only engraving are on scope bases, grip cap and screws. All the parts were rust blued with some hardened in color, the extractor blade and the ejector spring being nitre blued.”

_D&D 404 Bottom 07
“With Norma ammo it shoots a cloverleaf all the day...
Hope you will like it.
Take care.”
Joel Dorleac, Gunmaker