Dorleac & Dorleac “London Rigby Style” Mauser
6.5 X 284

Joel Dorleac Writes on August 1, 2011,

Dear Steve,
Thank you very much for the new fine page on your improved web site.
Surely, it's the best site on the subject and I'm extremely proud at being able to present an unknown side of French gun making.
I was pleased –and amused- with your shooting range photo, and as a coincidence, yesterday I was at our own range, regulating a rifle I try to make for my own use…and to my taste.”

It's a 6,5-284 built on a rare intermediate original Mauser action that I have treated as a tribute to the old pre-war Rigby high velocity rifle.
I try to make photos of every stage of the building. Here are views of some stages and a photo taken when sighting it in shooting.

This is most interesting to me as Joel documents the same processes I use in creating a custom rifle: Full Scale drawing, metalwork, stockmaking, followed by sighting in and test firing at the bench. He the make professional quality photographs to show the complexity and sophistication of his craftsmanship.(SDH)

_D&D Action top n°987 RT 02 copy
Original Mauser Action

_D&D Orig action n°987 RT 01

Barrel, rear sights and claw-mount base
_D&D BRL n°987 RT 03

“ London Rigby” Style stock
_D&D stock 06

Full Scale Drawing and rifle
_D&D n°987 Stock Draw RT 05

At the range
_D&D BenchRT 07

Front sight
_D&DFront sight 09

Filing in rear sight
_D&DRear sight RT 08

Joel Dorleac test firing 6.5 x 284 Mauser

_D&D Test fire