Joel Dorleac, Elvis & Friends Hunting

More from Joel’s letter of August 1, 2011, and some personal photo he sent.
You are lucky to live in Montana who appears to be a much-preserved state. (As many French, I only know N-Y, California, but also Arizona and Nevada!)
I live in the extreme south of France, near the Spanish border, in one of the best place in our country. We have Pyrenean mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, so we can hunt the morning at 7000 feet and have a bath at night!
From 1967, I hunt isard (Pyrenean chamois) and I'm lucky to be able to hunt on many places in our beloved mountains. (I must confess that I also hunt chamois in French Alps)
I have used many sort of rifles, from my first one, a 1958 FN Mauser 8x60S to the last ultra light small caliber synthetic one I build for me on Seven actions.
I own a fine full stocked Ischler kipplaufbüchse (with hammer and stecher), made especially for me by Borovnik and engraved by Obiltschnig, but it's still in the white and I must complete the scope mount and the finish.
I have used a pre-64 .270 Winchester "Featherweight" in the eighties and many Schöenauers in 6,5x68, 6,5x57 and .270, but I favor the Heeren system for its lightness and its secure use.
I take the liberty to send you some photos of my secret garden.
For info, Pierre Castillo is a young gunsmith who works with us since twelve years, Guy is my hunting pal and Elvis my beloved and incredible Jack Russell, the only dog I have had that is able to pirsch (stalk) isard and chamois !
Best regards.”


Elvis & chamios copy

Joel & Guy Estella

JD & Guy Estella 1

Joel & Guy EstellaJD & Guy Estella 2

Joel and Pierre Castillo
JD & Pierre Castillo

Joel, Elvis and Guy Estella
JD Elvis & Guy Estella 3


5.6 X 57
JD Seven 5,6x57

6mm BR
JD Seven 6BR