Viewer’s Gun Photos

On this page we will present project from you, the viewer’s of this web site. Please email some large photos of your project with some explanation and I will try to post them.
Added 5/10/12
Some pix of a Mauser on a 1908 Uruguay action from the shop of Hans-Joachim Walther, as engraved by Heinz Funk. Funk’s engraving is featured in the engraving section of this web site. the lever release floorplate is unlike any I’ve seen before but exhibits traditional double shotgun styling. Thanks to Paul Smith for the photos of this fine work.
Walther-Funk Mauser 4-1

Walther-Funk Mauser 6

Walther-Funk Mauser 8

Walther-Funk Mauser 14

Added 11/19/11
By a stroke of good fortune my old friend and gunmaking student Ray Tatum found this sight and forwarded photos of his latest creation an 18 century flintlock fowler. Ray reminded my I had sold him the 20 gauge barrel way back in the early 1990s , one I had jug choked.
The gun is brass mounted with a Siler flintlock and Ray reports it shoot great with both shot and ball.
Ray attended gunmaking classes I offered at my workshop in Eugene, Oregon. The one night a week class never had more than four students each building a custom muzzleloader, several stocked from the blank, some carved and often with special bench mad parts such as patchboxes.
Ray was an exceptional student and each night I would spend the last 15 minutes of the classes going over what he and the other motivated student could accomplish on their own during the intervening week. (Ray got smart and moved to Arizona after a lifetime of rain in Oregon.)
Ray Tatum’s Fowler
Tatum FL
Tatum brl pipe

Tatum Butt

Tatum lock
Tatum sight

Dan Currie of Colorado sent this photo of a Farquharson he is building from a kit of raw castings!
DAnCurrie FAr

Takedown Springfield Sporter by Augustus Pachmayr. Barrels are .30-06 and .35 Whelen! by Pro Photographer RicK Brian. THANKS RICK!
_021-2 copy

Springfield Sporter, photos by Rick Brian. Michael Petrov says, “
An interesting rifle that started life as an NRA sporter made in 1924. Sometime after that it was customized by a gunsmith that is unknown to me. Looks like a nice rifle.

Beautiful French bar-in-wood Double gun sent by a viewer in Greece.
Epimenidis Platsidakis writes, “Gun is marked "CHAPU a NANCY", he was a gun-dealer, no idea if he was gunmaker too ( I do not think so ). Damascus barrels from Leopold Bernard, 1887 date on the rib.” THANKS Epimenidis!
BAR in wood2A

Photos sent by Weldon Lister, Engraver
“Winchester Model 21 I am working on. It features my version of deep relief, sculpted oak leaf & acorn scroll. In addition, there will also be relief sculpted quail in the areas without engraving......I'll do those last. This piece is done in the best old-world tradition primarily using hammer & chisel. I am also using punches or, as Phillipe Griffnee likes to call them "chislets" to do the shaping of the scroll and the leaves. This process is quite labor intensive but the results are worth it.”
Two new photos from Weldon Lister, almost finished 9/11..

Weldon lister2 copy
Weldon lister copy

Here are some photos of checkering by Australian Gabe Gatti. About the work Gabe says,
I do checkering left handed and I don't use any of the power tools. I design what the client or me wants to do, some patterns will look very similar to the work I see in magazines. I held some diamond templates on the computer screen, the closest one is 3.5 to 1 and I used the 75 degree carbide cutters to layout and deepen the checkering. I have to used various magnifiers to see the work.
I’m not sure I like the tooth shaped forend design anymore, but the pattern would have looked too short if I stopped at the detail line.
I can’t remember how long this pattern took but I’m a slow worker. The checkering is sealed with Pilkington’s finish, same as the stock finish.”
REIMER 7x64 002

REIMER 7x64 010

REIMER 7x64 008