Advanced Stockmaking Seminar June 2014

Robert checking comb/grip profile with shop made template for M-70. We had previously sawn the stock profile.
Robert Template- copy

Robert shaping the Buttstock next day.
Cheek piece blank 61-

Dan’s retro-Springfield Project on day two. He began with a completely square blank on day one
Dan' stock butt shaping- copy

Dan rasping cheekpiece on day two
DAn rasp cheek-

Besides working on a M-70 stock Lee completed a five day full rust bluing of a Custom Ruger #1 he had begun in class in 2012.
Final polishing.
Lee polishing-

Third coat rust bluing.
Rust bluing special sauce-

Carding quarter rib.
 Carding quart rib 74-

Swabing on anothe coat of bluing solution.
Coat bluing swab 60-

Rust bluing after boiling - before carding.
Pre card rust blue71-

Dan marking layout lines, but mostly shaped, beginning forend to blend into wrist.
Final shaping lines Dan-

1990s vintage Jerry Fisher rifle disassembled on SDH workbench as an example for inletting and shaping.

Fisher full-scale drawing and shop made templates for class projects.
Templates drawing-