A note from Lee after the first Seminar in 2012 (click to open)
Ricks Testimonial 2012
More from Lee:
Hi Steve:

Just a quick note to say how much I've enjoyed the seminars. The lessons regarding tool making, stock design, inletting & shaping have been wonderful, but above all, the confidence I've gained to actually take a sharp tool to an expensive piece of walnut is PRICELESS.

With your guidance, I've fulfilled a life long dream in completing my first custom rifle. THANKS AGAIN!

Kind regards,
Lee Ricks
Helena, MT

Custom Ruger #1 .35 Whelen by Lee Ricks. Stocked and all rust bluing completed in Fine Gunmaking Seminars. Target shows 10 shot barrel break-in group at 100 yards
Ricks #1 & target-

Dan of Kodiak after 6/14 Advanced Stockmaking Seminar
Hi Steve,  I just made it back to Kodiak on Sunday. I had a great time with the seminar and did learn a lot. My main goal was to learn more about stock design & the shaping of grip/comb area, in which I did. Thank you for spending extra time with me in those areas. There is no better way to learn this work than a hands on demo. from a competent instructor. I hope you can continue these seminars!!!
        I will be busy at work for a while but will continue with the 03 when I can and will mail you pics of its progress.   Dan.

Dan adding final shaping lines in class, 1903 retro Springfield.
Final shaping lines Dan-
...More from Dan:
I would have to say that the advanced stockmaking class  will help anyone who is trying to learn the finer details of proper design,layout and execution. I had spent hours scratching my head and stock for the proper shapes in the wrist- comb area only to be not satisfied with the results. Today I can shape that area in short time and with satisfied results.
      Another important lesson learned was that a full scale drawing of the project, will,in the end save time,mistakes and backtracking.  You and  I both spent a lot of time trying to decided what to do with my project, it was fun and a big part of the learning process for me, but it is always wise to know what you are building before you start.

Drop-box magazine Mauser, stockmaking begun in Fine Gunmaking Seminars and completed by Jim with techniques learned in class.